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Christie Terra® SDVoE Solutions

Christie Terra® SDVoE solutions enable the transport, processing and control of audiovisual content over 10Gb Ethernet networks. Comprising a line-up of transmitters, receivers, processing, and control hardware and software, Terra includes everything required to design and integrate complete SDVoE systems for applications that demand the ultimate performance and quality.
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SDVoE products, such as Christie Terra, foundationally solve a broad set of professional AV application requirements that are encountered in virtually every project. AV extension, AV switching, scaling, video wall, multi-viewer, EDID management, audio embedding and de-embedding, audio mixing and control routing. Two products used together in systems fulfill all these requirements configured in simple, highly scalable systems at prices that are more affordable than traditional AV technology.


What’s the advantage of using 10Gb Ethernet for AV transport vs using traditional AV switching products or streaming over 1 Gigabit networks? The 10G Ethernet switching supports transport of uncompressed video content. No compromise must be made in latency or quality – as occurs using AV streaming products on 1 Gigabit networks. Compared to traditional AV switching and transport, a 10Gb Ethernet network can support incredible scalability to very large system sizes beyond 1,000 endpoints at much more affordable prices. The 10GbE networked platform can also be easily expanded and built up over time. Ethernet switches are very dense. A one rack unit network switch can support 48 switching ports. This is a dramatically smaller size than an AV switch supporting a similar input/output capacity. SDVoE products all support video wall scaling, multi-viewer and KVM functions, which are not standard in traditional AV switching systems. System-wide EDID management and audio processing features simplify and make system integration vastly more efficient.
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